Labour Damien Welfare Article

January 2010

Labour Damien Welfare Article January 2010

This article was published on Damien Welfare's website.


Like many people, I am concerned at the increasing dominance the large supermarkets are exercising over retailing in this country. Of course New Barnet does need redevelopment, but not in a way that introduces one or two mammoth retailers that would completely change the character of the area, as well as threatening the viability of many small retailers in nearby High Barnet and Whetstone.

Before any development proposals are considered I believe it is essential that the council must settle the current controversy over the planning status of New Barnet town centre. The notion that New Barnet should be designated as a District Centre would inevitably support the case for larger retail developments. But the council need to come up with some compelling arguments why this should be the case. Otherwise I would expect New Barnet to be properly designated as a Local Centre, which should then limit the ambitions of any retailers wishing to bring additional shopping space to the area.