Action - Planning Dept

Barnet Borough Planning Department

When planning applications are made you can write to Barnet's planning department to express your views. Comments from residents are included in the planning officers report that is presented to councillors for their decision at planning meetings.

It is important to be as specific as possible about any objections.

Proposals can only be rejected for specific planning reasons.

London Borough of Barnet
Planning Services
North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
N11 1NP

You MUST include the application reference number clearly on your letter.

It is very useful to send a copy of your letter to the councillors on the planning committee too, so they can hear your views directly. Letters are normally summarised as a series of bullet points in the officers report, losing specific details.

Don't assume that someone else will write. If nobody responds then it must be assumed that residents have no problems with a planning application. Every letter counts.

This website includes a list of recent planning applications in the New Barnet area.