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Some of the information on this archive page is now outdated. It is held here for reference purposes only.

February / March 2010

"New Barnet Town Centre Framework" - Consultation

Consultants working on behalf of Barnet Council have drawn up outline proposals for the future of the main shopping area in New Barnet. The draft document was published on 22nd February and can be downloaded from the Council's website.

Please read the the Save New Barnet Campaign Newsletter dated 8th March for details of how YOU can best respond to the consultation process.

pdfSave New Barnet Newsletter [66K pdf] - 8 Mar 2010

Simply print out our template letter, add your name and address in the spaces, and send it to the address shown.

pdfNew Barnet Town Centre Framework Letter [39K pdf] - Mar 2010

If you wish to use our text as the basis for your own letter, we have also provided it as a 'Word' document.

word documentNew Barnet Town Centre Framework Letter [21K doc] - Mar 2010

Your response should be sent to: London Borough of Barnet, Major Developments Team, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London, N11 1NP
or emailed to

The closing date for submitting comments is Tuesday 23rd March 2010.

Framework Documents

The following documents can be downloaded as PDFs from Barnet Council's website.

A short summary:

pdfNew Barnet Draft Town Centre Framework Summary [1.87MB pdf]

The 6 exhibition display boards:

pdfExhibition Display Boards [1.05MB pdf]

The main framework draft:

pdfNew Barnet Draft Town Centre Framework [4.11MB pdf]

Supporting documentation:

pdfNew Barnet Town Centre Framework Scoping Report [4.59MB pdf]

pdfNew Barnet Town Centre Framework Scoping Report appendices [752KB pdf]

Barnet Council's confusing feedback form:

pdfNew Barnet Draft Consulatation Feedback Form [89KB pdf]

A public exhibition of the proposals was held at St James Church, 71 East Barnet Road, New Barnet.

  • Saturday 27th February from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Monday 1st March from 3 pm to 8 pm

Council officers and representatives of the consultant team were present at the exhibition to answer questions.

The 6 small exhibition boards are on display at East Barnet Library from 2nd to 23rd March.

The framework consultation was advertised by Barnet Council via an A5 leaflet hand delivered to 4,000 local homes and a single advert in the Barnet Press on 18th February. There were 9 A4 posters tied to lamp posts in New Barnet.
Following complaints from the Save New Barnet campaign, a further A5 leaflet was distributed by the council on 10th March to additional homes in New Barnet which had received no notification of the consulatation.

Barnet Council Leaflet delivered February 2010 Barnet Press Advert 18th February 2010 Second Barnet Council Leaflet delivered March 2010

March 2009

Commenting on the ASDA Planning Application

Objections should be made in writing, clearly stating your name and address and the reference number B/00200/09. It is important to be as specific as possible in your letter. Proposals can only be rejected for specific planning reasons.

Letters should be sent to:

London Borough of Barnet
Planning, Housing and Regeneration Service
Building 4, North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
N11 1NP

Emails should be sent to:

Comments can also be submitted online:

Barnet Council's Planning Website

You MUST include the application reference number B/00200/09 clearly on all communications.

If you do not have time to write your own letter, or want help getting started, download our example letter. Simply print it out, add your name & address details and sent it to the address shown.

July 2008

Write A Letter

Remember that no planning applications have yet been made by Tesco or ASDA. When they are, it is essential to write to the council planning department and your elected representatives with your objections. However if you have time now, you can write some additional early letters to flag up your concerns and help generate a groundswell of opposition.

Topics you might include:

  • Extra traffic drawn into area causing total gridlock of the narrow local roads.
  • Traffic fumes, noise and light pollution.
  • 24 hour supermarket trading.
  • Loss of existing independent shops & businesses on the Tesco site.
  • Threat to shops in surrounding areas, particularly East Barnet Village.
  • Loss of key amenities such as the Post Office, dentist & pub on the Tesco site.
  • Excessive number of flats will put a major drain on community resources, including schools, doctors & dentists.
  • Too many small 1 & 2 bed flats in the area already which cannot be sold.
  • Huge scale of the developments - Tesco is effectively up to 8 storeys high, towering around 2 floors above St James' Church and dominating the skyline.
  • Impact on already overstretched electricity, water & sewerage infrastructure.
  • No tangible community benefits.
  • Destruction of New Barnet as we know it - loss of character and community.


  • Be polite, concise, and to the point.
  • Don't just copy the list of bullet points, write a letter in your own words focusing on what directly concerns you about the two potential developments.
  • Individual letters are the most valuable, however there is nothing wrong with recycling your same basic text for a number of recipients.
  • Ask questions to generate a response.
  • Suggest what you would like your elected representatives to do on your behalf.

Email addresses of your councillors and MP are listed in this section of the website.

Letter Writing Leaflet

'Write A Letter' Leaflet

Download a printable copy of these letter writing topics and tips.

This version also includes postal addresses.

Write A Letter [57K pdf] - 4th July 2008

Why not pass on this printed version to friends and neighbours without internet access?