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The story so far...

New Tesco Proposals

On 1st May 2009 Tesco wrote a letter to the local press and councillors to inform them that they have "listened to local residents and responded with a radically different scheme".

In their letter, Tesco say that their "simplified, smaller scheme includes;

  • Less extensive development of the town centre. Development will focus on the former industrial units with the petrol station and many existing shops being retained.
  • A new Tesco store of 30,000 square feet (reduced from 45,000 sq ft), largely hidden from East Barnet Road.
  • New small shop units on East Barnet Road, that might become independent shops, cafes or restaurants.
  • A reduction in the number of homes from 260 in the previous scheme to a small residential development on Victoria Road.
  • Town centre parking for around 200 cars.
  • Over 200 jobs for local people.
  • New bus bays on East Barnet Road, freeing traffic movement.

Tesco go on to say that they "hope to submit a planning application early in the summer - perhaps in mid June". It would appear that they are waiting for the outcome of ASDA's planning application before submitting theirs.

We await more details of exactly what is now proposed by Tesco, and the full extent of the revised site.

Further PR

During October 2008 Tesco distribute another glossy leaflet in the area.

Planning Application

Tesco were expected to submit a planning application to Barnet Council in Autumn 2008. Details will be posted on this website as soon as they are available.

Environmental Impact Assessment - Scoping Opinion

Barnet's planning department received an application for an 'ES scoping opinion' on 30th June 2008, due to be responded to by council planning officers by early August 2008.

Application number B/02263/08 - It is NOT a planning application to build the development.

Tesco are asking for a brief or specification of what they have to provide in order to satisfy Barnet's planning department. The address listed is the not exactly very descriptive "TESCO STORE, EAST BARNET ROAD, NEW BARNET, HERTS" - no postcode, no street number(s), so could be anywhere!

The few people who managed to see a copy of the scoping document were horrified at the number of errors and inconsistencies it contained. See the press release issued on 4th August.

Tesco's New Barnet Development Website


Project Team Contacts

Phil Kennedy (FD Tamesis - PR company)
020 7269 9300

James Wiggam (Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager)
01992 806532
Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco House, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, EN8 9ZB

15 East Barnet Road

Derelict Property

At the time of the January 2008 'public exhibition' there was only one empty shop within the 'regeneration' site on East Barnet Road. The Tesco Express planning application documents revealed that 15 East Barnet Road is owned by Tesco. Property websites show that the freehold was sold for 497,375 in July 2005.

Early in February 2008, metal bollards were errected around the forecourt adjoining the pavement. This prevented it being used for parking by the neighbouring businesses.

15 East Barnet Road Hoarding

On 10th April 2008, a wooden hoarding was errected around the forecourt, attached to the metal bollards. This odd structure is 8 feet high along most of the East Barnet Road frontage. It drops down to 4 feet as it turns the corner, presumably so as not to obstruct the income generating advertising hoarding (although the adverts are no longer being changed). Due to the low height section it does not actually provide much site security. Tesco representatives say the hoarding is to protect the public from a dangerous building.

The other prominent derelict property in the area is directly opposite at 7-11 Victoria Road. This site is also owned by Tesco. It could be suggested that there is a policy of making the area look as run down as possible so that 'regeneration' plans are welcomed.

7-11 Victoria Road

Tesco Express

Tesco have repeatedly applied for permission to build a Tesco Express store at 7-11 Victoria Road, directly opposite their 'regeneration site'.

Planning applications were made in:

  • October 2007
  • January 2008
  • November 2008

There is already a Tesco Express store just 550m away at the Esso petrol station in East Barnet Road.


The Tesco scheme could be in addition to the long expected ASDA development plans at the gas works site in Albert Road. New Barnet is currently served by a Sainsburys supermarket directly opposite the Tesco 'regeneration' site. At the other end of East Barnet Road there is a branch of Budgens and half way in between the two is a Tesco Express.

Supermarkets belonging to all the major grocery chains are located a short distance from New Barnet, as can be seen on this map.

Tesco Promotional Websites

Tesco often produce glossy websites to help promote their development plans online (eg Old Kent Road or St Albans).

Two domain names were registered on behalf of Tesco 1st April 2008, and a second pair on 20th May 2008: