Local Issues

A Vision For New Barnet

The "Vision For New Barnet" was printed on the back of the our publicity leaflet distributed prior to the public exhibitions in early June 2008. It was inspired by suggestions made at the public meeting on 3rd April, and shows how our local town centre could be revitalised without knocking it all down.

It has been updated following comments made at our Community Consultation event on 19th July 2008.

You can also download a printable copy of A Vision For New Barnet [26k pdf]

A Vision For New Barnet

What do we, the local residents, want to see in New Barnet?

Urban Repair

  • Repair and upgrade the existing businesses, shops and houses. The area is crying out for investment in the form of urban repair, not area regeneration.
  • Changes should be organic and incremental.
  • Keep the existing varied mix of buildings as far as possible. Some localised demolition and rebuilding will be necessary, but not wholesale replacement.
  • Variety of shops and imaginative new businesses as well as preserving existing older businesses which should be given priority over national chains and multiple businesses. Local cafes rather than national chains. Local fish and chip shops rather than national restaurant & takeaway chains.
  • Where existing businesses are relocated into new buildings, rent levels must be fixed for five years and limited to increases of no more than RPI for fifteen years.
  • Keeping business in local or non supermarket ownership to maintain individuality and variety.
  • No 24 hour operation in any shop, club or public house. Local traders already provide 16 hour / 7 day cover.
  • Provision of affordable family sized accommodation (3/4/5 bedroom) mainly in houses. Where flats are provided they must be low rise spacious family units and have their own amenity space e.g. large usable balconies. There is an excess of 1 & 2 bed flats vacant in the area already.
  • Upgraded infrastructure. More reliable electricity & water supplies and larger sewers.
  • A social & community focussed life, not purely profit focussed.
  • Preserve the sense and atmosphere of the existing local community. The public meeting in St James Church demonstrated this strong local feeling.

Traffic & Transport

  • Keep traffic levels to current levels, or minimal increase only with appropriate road improvements. There is very limited scope for road improvements due to the constraints of the railway bridge across East Barnet Road and the narrow widths and Victorian pattern of the existing roads.
  • Ability to walk to schools safely.
  • More cycle parking and facilities.
  • Improved public transport.
  • Better & safer pedestrian access to New Barnet Station.
  • More buses serving further destinations, with improved bus stop provision.
  • Free bus service from New Barnet to Tesco store at Potters Bar and ASDA store at Southgate.

Facilities for the Community

  • Public House run by independent licensee or local brewery chain, not a national chain.
  • Independent Sub Post Office.
  • Independent Pharmacy.
  • NHS Dentist.
  • NHS Doctors Surgery.
  • Police Station suitable for local safer neighbourhood team.
  • Community Centre.
  • Skateboard Park.
  • Sports Centre at affordable prices.
  • Swimming Pool at affordable prices.
  • Garden Centre.
  • Allotments.
  • Community Arts Space.