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How Many Supermarkets Do We Need?

New Barnet has a large Sainsburys supermarket, which required the demolition of the properties on one side of East Barnet Road in the late 1970s. At the other end of East Barnet Road there is a branch of Budgens and in between a Tesco Express. Plus numerous small independent convenience stores.

  • The Tesco 'regeneration' plan would involve the loss of small buildings housing shops, offices, cafes, pubs, homes and small businesses on the other side of the East Barnet Road, that still give the area some local character.
  • Tesco also wish to build a Tesco Express store on the corner of Victoria & Albert Roads.
  • Asda wish to build a superstore on the largely redundant gas works site.

Supermarkets & convenience stores belonging to all the major grocery chains are located a short distance from New Barnet, as can be seen on the map below.

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